Here’s why.

The decisions you make both individually and on behalf of your enterprise are based on facts, figures and financial impact. The fresher and clearer the information, the better the outcome.

That’s the edge Wipfli/Bauerle brings to your financial team.

Wipfli/Bauerle, formerly Bauerle and Company, joined Wipfli LLP on February 1, 2018. Wipfli provides private and publicly held companies with industry-focused assurance, accounting, tax and consulting services and ranks among the top 20 accounting and business consulting firms in the nation. With Wipfli/Bauerle, you work with a team committed to providing personalized service, delivering valuable business insights and building a strong relationship with your company. Solve your business challenges and plan for tomorrow by leveraging Wipfli/Bauerle’s nationwide resources and specialized solutions.

Our service strategy, fine-tuned over three decades, integrates three powerful forces:

  • The continuity of professional service that comes from high staff retention rates;
  • The ability to customize proven processes to meet specific client requirements;
  • A practice culture that prizes intelligence, integrity and immediate response.

We believe it’s time to put accountability back in accounting. And that starts with our being right there for you.

Exciting News.

Bauerle and Company has joined forces with Milwaukee-based Wipfli effective February 1!

Effective February 1, Bauerle joined forces with Milwaukee-based Wipfli, one of the top 20 accounting and business consulting firms in the United States. As the result of this combination, we will be able to offer our clients expanded capabilities, additional cutting-edge services, and even more technical specialization, while continuing to provide the same exceptional service our clients have experienced over our history. To learn more about this news, click here.

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