Exciting News.

Bauerle and Company has joined forces with Milwaukee-based Wipfli effective February 1!

Effective February 1, Bauerle joined forces with Milwaukee-based Wipfli, one of the top 20 accounting and business consulting firms in the United States. This combination provides greater opportunities for training and professional development, and expanded resources to enhance service delivery to clients. With a firm like Wipfli that has so many different areas of specialization and expertise, there will also be opportunities to explore as you develop in your professional careers. To learn more about this news, click here.

Company Culture

We would not be such a successful organization without great people and strong teamwork. We are firmly committed to the belief that we can only provide the outstanding services our clients expect by giving the highest attention to our people. When people trust an organization’s commitment to their careers, we believe they will stay longer, resulting in mutual long-term success for the employee, the client and the firm.

At Wipfli/Bauerle, we believe it is important to maintain our professional image, but we also know how important it is to take a step back and enjoy what we do. We are an energetic group that likes to have fun while at the same time going above and beyond for our clients. That is our company culture.

While we work hard in the office, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a Wipfli/Bauerle priority. As the photos below show, between the softball leagues, sponsorship and sporting events, we do know how to have fun!



Dan Brubaker, CPA


“Working for Wipfli/Bauerle has been an experience filled with professional growth, but what makes it rewarding is the shared success. I have had the opportunity to develop my career with coworkers I not only respect, but whose company I enjoy,” said Dan Brubaker.

Lisa Storey, CPA


“Working for Wipfli/Bauerle has been a great experience so far.  In the past year I have worked in many different areas of accounting, which has allowed me to expand my career.  Everyone from the top down has an open door policy and is willing to share their knowledge.   They also truly encourage the staff to maintain a work-life balance and completely understand when family matters might come first.  As a mother of two young boys this factor of the company culture is extremely important to me.  I look forward to having a life-long career here at Wipfli/Bauerle.”

Jena Bergan, CPA

Staff Accountant

“During college recruiting, all the accounting firms advertised how great the PEOPLE are. Wipfli/Bauerle company culture is unique because not only is our Wipfli/Bauerle staff and our Wipfli/Bauerle team great, but our clients are great too. Unlike some of the giant firms, our clients use us as a resource and an asset for their company. We aren’t in the field just because the government requires our presence. We are there because our clients need our expertise and guidance.  Wipfli/Bauerle is one of a kind because my team doesn’t stop within these walls.  My team extends throughout Denver with so many different clients, networks and associations.”

Daniel Fechter

Senior Accountant

“From the time I walked in the door at Wipfli/Bauerle for my first interview, I knew I had found a great culture match. Everyone from the front desk to the corner offices are not only welcoming, but approachable and ready to help anyone at anytime. Having the opportunity to work for a firm that has the same goals and expectations for me that I have for myself, is the best part about working for Wipfli/Bauerle. The experience I’ve gained from working on projects in various industries has been invaluable and enabled me to begin growing into a trusted professional in the industry.”

Curt Olson, CPA

Senior Manager

“When I first started applying to accounting firms most firms asked me “Do you want to prepare taxes or do you want to be an auditor?” Wipfli/Bauerle, however, was different. Wipfli/Bauerle encourages employees to work on multiple types of engagements so that you can become well-versed in the many different aspects of public accounting. Having the experience and knowledge in tax and attest services has helped me tremendously in my professional career. This experience has led me to become a truly trusted business advisor, both to the companies I perform attest services for and the shareholders of the companies.”

Pete Aden, CPA, CCIFP


“Challenges are inevitable in business. Working at Wipfli/Bauerle reinforces the fact that virtually any challenge can be overcome when you have a strong team alongside you. The team mentality here was a major factor when I was looking for a new firm. You will often hear the employees talk about a ‘family’ connection they have with one another. This is due in large part to the relationships we build as we work on complex client projects. After more than 10 years at Wipfli/Bauerle, I’ve learned a great deal about the business world and myself. I look forward to continued growth with the company.”

Laura Boetger

Tax Accountant

“In my years at Wipfli/Bauerle since 1983, I have been presented numerous opportunities and challenges. Due to the elements of professional hard work, client respect, exceptional mentors and management, continued education, integrity and peer encouragement, I have been the beneficiary of immeasurable growth and advancement. After being here so long, Wipfli/Bauerle is my family for sure.”

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