New Client Portal – Effective August 10, 2018

Due to the recent merger of Bauerle and Company with Wipfli, we are making a change to our client portal. We are merging the current Bauerle ShareFile portal with the Wipfli ShareFile portal on August 10, 2018, at which time you will need to begin accessing your ShareFile portal via a new link.

If you currently have a Bauerle Portal account, you will receive a new activation email with the link to facilitate setting up your new credentials. Please watch for the email, which will come directly from ShareFile, between August 13th and August 22nd. If you do not receive the email with the activation link, please check your junk mail, or you can contact Sheryl at, or by calling our office at 303.759.0089 to assist you.

Due to the migration of files, please do not activate your account or access ShareFile between August 10th at 12:00 p.m. and August 13th at 8:00 a.m.

Be assured that your documents currently residing on the Bauerle ShareFile will be transferred to the Wipfli portal, however the retention period for the documents will be one year from the transfer date, and future documents will only be maintained for up to one year from the date of upload. All documents currently residing on the portal will be maintained in our office and can be re-uploaded upon request.

If you received emails with ShareFile attachments, those links will no longer work after August 10th. If you need them resent, please contact Sheryl VriesmanGloria Roberts, or Polly Kuhr from our office. 

Accessing Wipfli ShareFile Client portal

The Wipfli ShareFile Client portal may be accessed through and click on “Client Portal” at the top of the page. Any new secure upload or download attachments received after August 10th, will be accessible via the new portal.

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