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Every day we strive to learn, to grow and to bring innovation to our service offerings. With the addition
of our IT Solutions group, you can receive the value of a full-time, seasoned IT department
without the overhead. When it’s time for a change, such as rolling out a new system or discovering
a better way to achieve your goals, you need more than an IT company – you need someone that
understands your business. Email us today to learn more about how our IT Solutions can help.

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Managed Services

With Managed Services, you are able to remove the burden of certain in-house operational chores, which will minimize your headaches and overall costs. This service is meant to be long-term and preventive, which leads to overall lower costs. By optimizing your resources and standardizing your procedures, we function as your full-time IT staff, and can help you obtain a predictable cost structure. Offer your staff a real-time helpdesk via phone or email.

  • Remote Support – help desk provided via ticketing system and phone
  • Monitored updates for laptops, desktops and servers
  • Antivirus to prevent and remove viruses and malware
  • Diagnosis and planning for replacement of obsolete equipment
  • Manage your backup locally or to the cloud

Consulting Services

Let us help with project management, making your operations more efficient, and your business run more smoothly. We are experts at systems architecture and workflow analysis. If needed, we will design and implement IT Policies & Procedures.

  • Project management
  • Systems architecture
  • Workflow analysis
  • IT Policy and procedures assistance

Systems Integration

Computer “broken”? We’ve got your back. Need a server migration or replacement? We can do that, too. We will be responsible for the maintenance and installation of non-managed equipment and provide new capability rollouts to your company. Think, “immediate fixes”. Imagine doing all of that yourself? Now you don’t have to. Systems Integration is our Managed Services in an a la carte fashion. Order just what you want when you want it.

  • Server migrations and replacement
  • Installation and maintenance of non-managed equipment
  • New capability rollouts

Cloud Backup

No, not the white puffy things in the sky. We can actually store your data off-site at a secure location for peace of mind.

  • Offsite backup
  • No changing tapes
  • No hardware to replace

Cloud Services

One size doesn’t fit all. We offer a hybrid solution for both on-site and cloud-based software and services. Through web-based tools we deliver information technology services, allowing for the solution that best fits your needs.

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